Thursday 10 February 2011

i4cp: Critical Human Capital Issues 2011


  A lot of other summaries about HR’s issues and challenges have already been published over the last few months – obviously mainly associated with the turn of the year.

So of course was my survey initially, but with work and illness, I’ve not been able to analyse the results until now.  But I’ve now had a look through the initial results (the survey actually only closes at the weekend) and I think you’ll find them interesting.  And I’ve also been comparing the results to some of the other pieces of research published recently.

One of my favourites is i4cp’s list of critical human capital issues in 2011.  These are those where there is the greatest discrepancy between what organisations consider important an what they say they are able to manage. 

Apologies if you’ve already seen these results as they’ve been out for nearly a month, but I thought they were still worth commenting on.  Among the most interesting findings are:

  • The changes from 2010 to 2011 – with ‘measuring and rewarding results’ having the greatest decline in criticality, and ‘innovation and creativity’ increasing the most.  I link this to the increase in optimism I’ve posted on previously (especially since the survey sample will be largely US based).
  • In the first category of leadership issues, the most critical issue is leadership development.  This supports what I see but I think many organisations focus this development on the wrong things.  What I think is becoming important is developing leaders at all levels, and leading from the middle of the organisation, not just from the top.  I don’t think enough organisations have got this focus yet.
  • Under cultural issues, it’s managing corporate culture.  I agree with this – it is the main issue for HR (as well as E2.0), although what I really think we’re talking about are two or three different things – and organisation’s big idea / mojo, and its people relationships and conversations supporting this.


So, some interesting results although my main criticism of the research would be that these are all best practices, not next practices.  My own survey, being more open ended, is designed to capture some of these.

I really am closing this research up at the weekend this time.  So please do complete it for me if you can.

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