Friday 18 February 2011

TRU London – be Social to compete


  My other, off the top of my head, tweet at TRU London was this one based on Kevin Wheeler’s presentation.

Yes, these disruptive business models based largely on crowd sourcing and contingent workforces that Kevin was discussing are an increasingly important source of competition for most established businesses.  But no, these traditional businesses aren’t going to suddenly start to look like their start-up rivals.

In my view, they shouldn’t try to either – it’s unlikely they’d be successful in doing this.  But they do have to compete effectively with these new very flexible businesses.

I think the way they compete is to optimise their own unique advantages.  And to me, this is about social.

This is the one thing crown sourced businesses can’t do, and even contingent workforces can do less easily.

But then it’s not something traditional businesses do that well either.

One more reason for organisations (that can) to get social…



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