Wednesday 27 November 2019

The Melded Network HR Model

My Different Slant article on the Melded Network HR Model in HR Magazine is now online.
The article suggests modern HR organisations will increasingly involve a mix of traditional functions, horizontal (process, project, product, agile) teams, communities and networks, as well as melds of these.

For me, it's the first model that truly takes HR beyond the Ulrich model:

-   The platform management group is qualitatively different to most existing service centres -   Centres of excellence become communities supported by an even deeper focus on projects
-   Business partners morph into network brokers - this is the most significant change and the one which makes me think the whole model has now, for the first time, been completely transformed. 

Importantly, it's not a change in the model for the sake of changing it, but a change to align with changes in organisation models - see part 1 of the two part series in HR Magazine too:
I've started outlining the model in a bit more depth in Linkedin, and you may like to check out those posts there as well:


Jon Ingham


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