Thursday 26 June 2008

Carnival #36

Carnival 36 The carnival is out again, back with its originator, Evil HR Lady.

My favourite post: Amit Avasthi's Talent Glocalisation on HR Bytes. Not as fun as some posts, but then you don't come to my blog for entertainment, do you? And it includes some great information / insight.

In fact, I'd meant to post on the McKinsey article ('Why multinationals struggle to manage talent') that informs Amit's post myself when it was published last month - following on from my earlier post on their war for talent update. Unfortunately, this was one of those that got away.

The other reason for not posting on it, given that it includes some fairly (if superficially) striking findings, is that I think it's a surprisingly duff piece of research.

But Amit's inspired me to post, so my own reflections will follow.

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  1. Jon Thanks for the nice comments. Have really liked your views too.


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