Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Vampire Brown Sucking the Working Classes' Blood

Vampire Brown Well, I thought The Power of Mojo was a good blog heading, until I came across this one from my namesake's blog at the UK's Daily Express.

Now we know where Gordon Brown's rather strange facial contortions come from!

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  1. "moyo" means heart down my way and is the most common surname or rather 'totem' name. Hard to explain totem - I'll try over a beer.

    To the point, I don't think you can force mojo. If a Chief Exec and crew don't understand the mojo, they just should not be there! A Chief Exec by definition must be walking talking mojo.

    It is a central idea in the mytho-poetic tradition of management. Obama has mojo. It is not charisma but that sense of what is essential that runs throughout a group. Mojo can also speak to our "lesser angels".

    Let's find an opportunity to talk mojo - it is a fun topic. My last class at Canterbury presented us with "swan" plants as a reference to the imagery of swan that is often used.

    A conference on fun HR??


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