Monday 30 June 2008

Top Consultant on Virtual Careers Fairs

Top Consultant Tony Restell at Top Consultant asked for a chance to respond to my slightly less than overwhelmed response to their recent virtual careers fair.

First, have a look at my post, then have a read through his in italics below, see what you think, and if you've got any relevant experiences of your own to share, please comment as well.

Cheers, Jon.


"Jon - thanks for the opportunity to post the other viewpoint, much appreciated.

Interestingly, the technology platform does provide the functionality for much more interaction between candidates at a fair like this, including the provision of a "Lounge" area where candidates can meet and network. The technology providers (iCongo) recommended that we deactivate this functionality, based on their experience at another careers fair they'd recently hosted. The feeling was that this would be a distraction from the main aim of the fair - namely putting candidates and potential employers in contact with one another and encouraging a dialogue between them.

I guess what the above indicates is that the technologies out there can enable a wide range of different events / experiences. So one key for companies such as ourselves is going to be experimenting and learning what format events should take to maximise the number of readers / candidates who leave thrilled with the experience and minimise the number who leave disappointed. Which is a similar conundrum to that faced in earlier rounds of internet technology of course. Lots of things are possible, but which are really going to bring value and be appreciated by readers and clients alike? We'll certainly be endeavouring to find that out as we run subsequent events!

Tony Restell ( "


  1. Jon

    Deserves an applause and also celebration, as your contribution to the blogging world are priceless and immense.

  2. Hi Jon

    Thanks for this incredible and informative post. Consultant at career fairs are the best option to find appropriate candidate for a job.


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