Thursday 5 June 2008

Josh Bersin guest post

Thanks Josh for your guest post.

Josh is the first of a number of bloggers that I've asked to contribute a post to my blog, firstly as something a bit different in way of celebration during the month leading up to the first anniversary of this blog on 2nd July. And this is also a result of a desire, following on from a number of posts on HR2.0, to make this blog a bit more social.

I'd like YOU to contribute to this too, particularly of you're a regular reader of this blog. I'd like to know what you'd like me to post on - for example, this might be an HR issue you're particularly interested in, and on which you'd like to know my opionion. Just comment to this post to let me know.

One more thing - do check out Bersin's website and Josh' insightful blog. Bersin produce some great research that I've commented on several times over the last year and which I think would be useful for any organisation attempting to develop or improve its HCM strategy and in developing the new disciplines of HR.


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