Monday, 20 June 2011

Employee Engagement Taskforce: Policy & Practice Briefing


  On Wednesday I’m delivering a session with David Macleod, Chair of the Employment Engagement Task Force and Nita Clarke who along with David, co-authored the government’s ‘Engaging for Success’ report.

We’ll be speaking on the government’s current and future policy to put employee engagement in focus:

  • How will the Taskforce work, its priorities and what can organisations expect?
  • Identifying and overcoming barriers to the wider adoption of engagement
  • Raising awareness and changing organisational structures: what are the benefits?
  • Are managers being equipped with the right tools to implement employee engagement?
  • How to harness engagement for innovative workplace practices
  • Maintaining morale through corporate restructuring
  • What can public and private sector organisations learn from each other?
  • Employment engagement: where next?


It’s an interesting brief as I can’t talk specifically about the taskforce, but I don’t want my inputs to be completely independent of it either.  (I think I’ve got some great ideas – backed up with experience – on engagement but I don’t want to promote these particular insights separately from what David and Nita are going to be talking about.  After all, the taskforce has been set-up to ensure all organisations can access information and support about the benefits and best practice examples of engagement in order to reduce the barriers to the broad adoption of engagement principles.  I want to support that convergence of approach, not release yet another separate train of thinking, no matter how insightful I think that might be.)

Any ideas about what you think I should be covering in the session?


The event will also include an interactive voting session which will allow delegates to directly influence the day's proceedings and in turn the wider consultation process as the results will then be fed back to relevant policy makers including government departments, select committees and the LGA and will also be made available on the Westminster Briefing website.

And questions you think delegates should be asked?


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