Thursday 30 June 2011

#SRConf: PepsiCoMo


  This post is really just an opportunity for some nice pictures of PepsiCo’s / TopBananas mobile recruiting app.

Presenting with TB’s Dave Martin, PepsiCo’s Katie McNab explained that the company invests in social recruiting to support its social brand and to help explain what it’s like to work for them.  And given the already high and rapidly increasing proportion of people who access social media via mobile devices, this has to include ipads, iphones, Androids etc too.


The app includes videos (which they hope will be searchable in vs) and blogs (Pepsico is building an army of bloggers around the world) etc.  Opportunities are searchable, powered by the company’s ATS.  You still can’t apply for a job online (again, scheduled for v2) but this is down to Pepsi’s change in ATZ provider), also research suggests people don’t want to apply online – they want to take time to think about it, craft their CV etc).

In addition, the ‘Learn’ app provides local recruiters opportunities to profile local employees / their own process etc.


More nice!



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