Monday 20 June 2011

Symposium Training: Employee Engagement


   Just before my short series of recruitment-oriented posts (see at the bottom of #SRConf: Social Recruiting conference), I’d started posting on employee engagement (Using technology and social media for engaging relationships).

One of the other things I wanted to note was that I’m also running a series of training sessions on engagement this year:

The importance of ensuring an engaged workforce is rapidly increasing as more work becomes virtual, as well as team and knowledge-based.  However, in most organisations, particularly in the UK, engagement has been falling for some years.  (Where surveys show engagement increasing recently, this is largely a result of people being worried about losing their jobs and should not necessarily be taken to indicate an increase in their desire to do their jobs or a passion to help their organisations succeed!)

Businesses, governments and academics are now getting worried about this.  Gary Hamel, for example, refers to the fact that organisations are more likely to ‘douse the flames of employee enthusiasm than fan them’ as management’s dirty little secret.  This secret is now increasingly being openly discussed and this is therefore the right time for HR to offer some alternative solutions to other business leaders.

Attend this seminar to learn and reflect on what does inspire people at work and how some successful, maverick organisations are generating true passion from their employees.  Then plan how to adapt these experiences to your own organisation.



13 July 2011 – London
30 September 2011 – Manchester


If you wish to attend, you can book here, or let me know if you’d like to do something similar in your own organisation.



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