Sunday, 19 June 2011

#SRConf: Social Recruiting conference


  My next recruiting event will be the Social Recruiting conference in London on 30th June.  I’m looking forward to hearing from:

  • Alan Whitford, Founder & Chair, #SRCONF
  • Paul Maxin, Global Resourcing Director, Unilever
  • Quezia Soares, Recruitment Marketing Manager, Accenture UK
  • Maayan Zusman, Recruitment Marketing & Branding Lead, Intel Europe
  • Matt Jeffery, Head, EMEA Talent Acquistion, Autodesk
  • Michelle Rea, CEO & Founder, Social Honesty
  • Stéphane Le Viet, CEO and Co-founder of Work4 Labs
  • Katie McNab, Talent Acquisition Manager (UK, Ireland & South Africa), PepsiCo
  • Franck La Pinta, Employer Marketing Manager, Societe Generale Group
  • Doug Fraley, Talent & Marketing Director, The Challenge Network
  • Gareth Jones, Co-founder, ConnectingHR & inmate, BrubakerHR
  • Julie Cochrane, Delivery Manager, Capita Resourcing
  • Wolfgang Brickwedde, Director, Institute of Competitive Recruiting


Check out these recent posts if you can’t wait until then:


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I’ll also be speaking at SRConf’s sister event, the Social Workforce conference #SWConf, and chairing the Social Learning conference #SLConf in 2012.


Picture Credit: slide from Paul Marchand, Pepsico at HCI’s Strategic Talent Acquisition conference 


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  1. Thanks Jon, looking forward to your insights.



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