Thursday 23 June 2011

The Growth of Digital HR


  I’m missing the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston this year.

Last year, I found it such a key event that as well as the Boston conference (see my posts), I went back again to present on E2.0 and Culture in the follow-up event in Santa Clara (and these posts too).

But things are changing quickly.  This year, there’s so much taking place on HR 2.0 in the UK that it’s much harder for me to justify the transatlantic flight to myself.

Take today for instance.

One event I would have loved to have been at is this one organised by Consult HR and hosted by Sarah Vardey at American Express, focusing on Digital HR:

“Digital is an evolving approach to business practice, customer interactions and employee behaviours.  It is present throughout any business and in the everyday lives and interactions of employees.  The impact of the rapid growth in digital has meant that organisations have had to adapt to new market expectations.  Business functions, where communication and customer dialogue is crucial, have been early adopters of digital technology such as marketing, communications and customer service.  Slower to come to the table have been support functions such as risk, procurement and HR.

Given that HR had lagged in this revolution, how then can we step up and simultaneously transform ourselves, whilst transforming our business partners and organisations?”

Good point!


Anyway, instead of this, I’ll be attending SAP’s HR Transformation Summit, where I’ll be speaking on much of the same thing: Social Media in the Modern HR.

“Social media is playing an increasingly important role in business and can give employees a voice beyond that of existing corporate portals.  In this session, Jon explores how social media technologies are providing new opportunities to influence the connections and relationships between employees, revolutionising collaboration and innovation.  This type of transformation provides a new strategic agenda for HR and emphasises the need to adopt social technologies within HR’s own processes (social recruiting, social learning etc).


You might also be interested in my panel discussion yesterday, which also included the HR 2.0 agenda – focusing on social media for employee engagement.

And I’ve got more events coming up on this topic over the rest of the year and beyond.

One of the best of these is definitely going to be Europe’s new HR Technology conference which I’ll be the MC at.  With a great agenda, and with one day focusing on the role of social media in HR, it looks like this event will quickly become an equal of of longstanding US conference in terms of its prime role within the HR Technology agenda.

The conference is taking place on 2-3 November in Amsterdam and details can be found at – including the agenda and list of speakers.

You can even get a 10% discount by entering ‘Jon Ingham’ in the promo code box when you book!


Update, 11.00pm Thursday 23rd.  I posted this early this morning before heading off to the SAP Summit, and one thing occurred to me while on the way to the conference venue – and this is that ‘growth’ may be the wrong word for the increase in conversation I’m seeing.  To be clear, I’m still not seeing much actually happening in digital HR.  The summit made it even clearer that there’s still a big gap between talk and action.  I’ll blog on this later on.

Secondly, I just wish to point out that there’s still going to be a sizeable gap between HRTechEurope and the HRTechnConference (US).  For one thing, that event has already been going on 14 years.  However, HRTechEurope is clearly in a different league to existing HR tech shows in the UK and Europe, eg Softworld and the CIPD’s Software show.  It’s a conference we’ve been badly lacking for a long time and should contributing to the development of HR IT as a (sub-) profession, in the same way that I think it’s seen in the US.



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