Wednesday 18 November 2009

CIPD09: Beyond engagement


DSCN1848   This session is on going beyond employee engagement.

Robert Browton from Hay has been presenting some of their research.  We all know that people have been working harder to beat the recession and Hay’s surveys suggest that 36% of people have increased the length of their working week.

The good news is that 84% of people say their teams are willing to support each other and 85% say that they are committed to helping their organisation survive.

But there’s more bad news than good.  68% say of people say there is no reward for the additional effort they are putting in, 63% feel their organisation doesn’t appreciate the effort they’re putting in and 57% believe their staff have been treated as a low-value commodity.

Because of this, 59% of people are considering leaving, actively looking or have accepted a job offer.  And of those not thinking of leaving right now, 87% say its due to a lack of vacancies, 92% think it’s just too risky to start a new job.

So a lot of people have already gone in spirit, and as soon as they can, they may be gone in body too.

One main reason why people are disengaged are the barriers their organisations set up that stop them performing effectively.  These barriers also stop them performing effectively ie employees need both engagement and enablement to be effective.


We then moved on to Clare Marriott from Rentokil Pest Control (filling in for Mary Edmunds from Barclays) which seeks to engage its staff (colleagues) around its mission, vision and spirit (service, relationships and teamwork) – developed through focus groups earlier this year in response to the company’s problems last year.

Your Voice Counts is Rentokil’s colleague survey and links to their customer survey, Our Customers’’ Voice Counts which uses the Net Promoter Score.

Linked to Hay’s point about organisational barriers, the colleague survey also asks questions like I have the tools I need to do my job, do  have the authority I need to do my job etc.



So, interesting stats, good case study of successful engagement through use of an engagement survey, but beyond engagement?  Mmm.  I’m trying to keep positive today so I’ll not comment.  You decide (and do let me know)!



You can see more of my recent posts on engagement here: ‘Are engagement surveys a waste of time'?’

And for those of you going to the session on, or interested in the Government’s Engagement Review (David MacLeod and Nita Clarke), there’s this post and some comments from one of their previous presentations on my Moon Shots community forum too.



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