Saturday, 7 November 2009

Nigel Paine on Learning & Development trends


Lego brick   So after having considered the context and the technology, Nigel Paine (previously Head of Learning at the BBC and provider of a case study for my HCM book) took us through his thoughts on trends in learning and development.


Firstly, this is important – see these stats on the role of training and development within employer branding:


Linkedin stats


Secondly, it’s changing:

  • From courses to environments
  • From knowledge delivered to knowledge shared
  • From control to free flow
  • From individuals to communities
  • From skills to values and culture.


Martin Bean, Vice Chairman at the Open University talks about the following four aspects of learning environments which will need to change to reflect the future:


Martin Bean


We need to encourage people to use what’s available free on the web, and to generate their own user driven content.


The Good Enough revolution

Other things include the good enough revolution – realising that things (like this post! – or a Lego brick) don’t need to be perfect if it allows us to achieve velocity.

Nigel’s example was Skype which isn’t perfect but is growing faster than any other telecoms firm is carried 10% of the world’s telecoms traffic last year.


From shaping to framing

We need to move from shaping learning solutions to framing the learning proposition.  Not telling the company or learners what to do, but arguing the case for where learning fits in.

It’s about leading the debate, defining reality.


Changing attitudes

One of the questions for the panel that Nigel was on and I was chairing was about increasing the penetration rate of e-learning usage.  After talking about infrastructure challenges, I asked all panel members about dealing with attitudinal challenges too (referring back to a question I’d had about intranet usage).  Nigel made these three suggestions:

  • Ensure there is a clear architecture vs inconsistency in applications
  • Bring useful information to the top (when he started at the BBC their intranet pages were all about departments’ mission and values etc.  They changed this to focus on what people needed to do etc)
  • Ensure all information is on, and only on, the intranet – ensuring some excitement (re breaking news etc).



See also my post on Clive Shepherd’s and Donald Clark’s sessions on Learning and Development trends at ITU in Budva.

Or for more trends in learning and development: 





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