Friday, 13 November 2009

More bloggers, tweeters and a few muggles


I’ve only recently posted how nice it is to meet other HR bloggers and there was a real smorgasbord of social media talent at Changeboard’s winter party last night:


Matt Alder of Recruiting Futurology (@mattalder)


Natalie Cooper of Changeboard (@changeboard)


Nicholas Creswell @ncreswell


Richard Hinde-Smith @rhindesmith

Graeme Holiday @graemeholiday with Natalie once again


Scott McArthur of McArthurs Rant (@scott_mcarthur) with Ben Thornton (sorry about the photo!)


Richard Tyrie (@rtyrie) and Tom Watson (@tom_watson)


Tom Watson (@tom_watson) with Nicola Grimshaw



Muggles?  Commoners?  Lurkers?  What’s the word to describe people who aren’t using social media yet?  Anyway, it was nice to meet / see you all at Changeboard’s winter party: Alex, Alistair, Clair, Claire, Claire, Richard, Mark, Martyn, Matt, Nicola, Nigel, Oxana, Richard, Richard, Sheila and others who I’ve forgotten (sorry).  (And sorry about anyone I’ve got muggled up.)




And a big thanks to our hosts, Porteur, Jim, Richard, Ruth et al.






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    1. Hm... I still consider people, who is not using twitter, facebook or myspace normal. Do you know why? Social media is cool, convenient, popular but., but very addictive. I believe that people now spend more time communicating with each other using means of the internet, but not in real life.

    2. I should point out for those of you not following Harry Potter that whilst Muggles might not sound that wonderful, it is simply the term wizards use for everyday, normal people!

      Re not communicating in real life, I believe social media opens up many, many new opportunities to converse with new people you'd never meet otherwise.

      It's why I'm so pleased to meet other HR / other bloggers when I do.


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