Saturday, 14 November 2009

Caroline Waters on BT’s future workforce


   Caroline Waters too people through a BT mash-up of Now You Know and then described the impact of BT.

Some of the key points are below:

  • Talent needs to be able to pick out a piece of information, turn it into knowledge and apply it
  • Gen Y talent isn’t bothered by money – they need the opportunity to connect and collaborate
  • They have a different way of problem solving and accessing information
  • BT has a very diverse workforce: 40-45% of employees serve customers from a fundamentally different cultural background
  • The company therefore needs to change its belief systems
  • It does this by reaching out to unconventional sources to find people – small organisations that can reach out to different communities
  • It also uses social media to connect and team with other people eg through a learning community
  • Social media works because of its trust based environment – there are no barriers – you can access anything.  We give you as an employee the tools you need to do your job.  Use them wisely – if you don’t we’ll deal with it.  They’re absolutely clear with people what excessive usage looks like (in the last 10 years they’ve sacked 3 people for inappropriate online behaviour).





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