Monday, 23 November 2009

Social media in HR - training


   So what do you do if you want to drive up connectivity in your organisation?

Well you may want to run some training for your HR team.  How about a day covering at least some of the following:



  • Introductions and connections


Introducing and reviewing the technologies

  • Interactive session (demonstrating the main publicly available web 2.0 and social networking / social media tools with an opportunity for people with wireless laptops, iphones and blackberries, cameras and video cameras to participate)
    • Participants will be then encouraged to blog, tweet etc through the rest of the workshop


Enterprise 2.0 and the Social Business

  • Web 2.0 in the Enterprise
  • Broader opportunities and requirements – the Social Business
  • HR’s and IT’s roles in the Social Business – why this is a big thing for HR
  • Case studies
  • Discussing opportunities for adding and creating value through collaboration


HR 2.0 – the potential benefits (and legal / other difficulties)

  • Opportunities for using social media within the HR function - social recruitment, onboarding, social learning, career development etc
  • Case studies
  • Comparing employer brands from a social perspective


Action planning

  • Organisational
    • Analysing how your employees are using social media
    • Options for introducing social technologies
    • Developing a social media policy
    • Measuring impact and ROI


  • Individual
    • Personal use of social media tools


Web 2.0 – using the tools

  • A final interactive session using social media to review the use of public and corporate social media tools and to use the tools to capture the main learning points from the workshop



This workshop is available now for you to provide in-house (in the UK or elsewhere).  If you’re interested in attending an open programme on the above (probably only in London, UK), let me know.

For the open programme, I’d also encourage participants to join a social media community set up specifically for the particular conduct of this workshop, in order to facilitate further support and collaboration with other participants.


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I hate doing these types of lists.  What have I left out?




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  1. Excellent training outline, Jon!

    I shared with my readers in my weekly Rainmaker 'Fab Five' blog picks of the week (found here: to give them a starting point to improve connectivity in their HR teams.

    Be well Jon!


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