Sunday 8 November 2009

HR’s role in Enterprise 2.0


    I’ve recently posted a review of Andrew McAfee’s new book, Enterprise 2.0 on my Social Advantage blog.

McAfee notes that in many organisations, their legal and human resources departments have advised against pursuing Enterprise 2.0.

I guess this isn’t too surprising given all the ongoing negative reporting.  Eg from Morse:

57% of employees use Twitter or some other form of social networking during the working day for personal use. And on average these users spend 40 minutes (59 minutes according to their colleagues) each week using these sites:

“Despite a third of office workers admitting that they had seen sensitive information posted on social networks, 84% felt that it should be up to them as to what they post online. This indicates that guidelines are either being poorly communicated or are not strict enough.”


I must admit I’ve always tended to believe that 1) social media provides such a benefit that will outweigh any risks, and 2) HR should use any information that’s available to it (rather than equating this with ‘going through someone’s drawers’).

However, I guess something about ‘getting naked in the office’ isn’t the first thing I want people to see when they Google me!

Oh, well!



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