Wednesday, 18 November 2009

CIPD09: Nick Baylis on Happiness


Everyone’s favourite session today seemed to be Nick Bayliss on the Rough Guide to Happiness.  I only attended half the session, so I thought I’d post the tweet stream for you (made slightly less easy by the fact I was spelling Nick’s name wrong):


rapidbi: RT @joningham: Nick Bayliss Technology gets in the way of bonding. tweeters build trust online which builds in real world #CIPD09

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joningham: Nick Bayliss Technology gets in the way of bonding. Yes, but there's another side to this, isn't there you lovely tweeters! #CIPD09

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joningham: Nick Bayliss still on touching - people who do contact sports have better lives. #CIPD09. Hugging as a basis for Next Generation HR?

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joningham: Nick Bayliss we're huddling up to each other for comfort because something out there scares us - get tangoing! #CIPD09

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Don’t see the connection between Twitter and happiness?  Take a look at this





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    1. Anything that engenders happiness should be applauded but Howard Baylis’ laudably admits his rough guide provides no quick fixes. So how about the Precise Guide to Happiness and a quick fix… if you dare!


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